Perpetual Resource Projects

PT Atoz

The Atoz Project covers 192.08 hectares and is located 60 kilometres south of Padang in the central west of West Sumatra. The Atoz Project has an approved Production Iicense (Production IUP) valid until 2017. Quality of the anthracitic coal is approximately 7,400kcal/kg based on two assays, one for the 5,000t material sold to date and the other a recent pit channel sample. The recent sample taken from the working pit faces was analysed in a Korean Laboratory and clearly indicates the coal is anthracite.

Wiagdon Thrust

Wiagdon Thrust Joint Venture ("WTJV") it has entered into with Oroya Mining Limited ("Oroya"). The Wiagdon Thrust gold project ("Wiagdon Thrust Project") comprises a suite of 11 contiguous exploration licenses over an area of approximately 2,000km2 in the Lachlan Fold Belt of New South Wales. It is centered upon the regional hub of Mudgee and extends from just north of Sofala in the south to Gulgong in the north, a strike distance of approximately 100km. Both towns are noted for their exploration and mining history and the intervening country features numerous historic small hard rock and alluvial gold workings. Recorded past production from adjacent or included historical goldfields exceeds 2.1 million ounces of gold. Specifically, the Wiagdon Thrust Project area lies within the north-eastern part of the Hill End Through whick is noted for its gold and base-metals mineralization.